15 All Time Best Hollywood Movies Can Stream for Free While Waiting out the Coronavirus

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If you’re looking for some perfect entertainment while we all are in isolate ourselves to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, . Here we have collected some of the top 15 Hollywood movies list which will help you to watch during Lockdown period.

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1. Avatar (2009)

Avatar represents the most beautiful visual film of all time. Also when people complain that the special effects in the films fall out when they see them just for the very first time. It used stereoscopic 3D technology and push back the old Cinematic film Technology. In its beauty, this movie presents a love story between species and a social message. Avatar goes down in history as a must for every film enthusiast. Top 50 Website

2. Scarface (1983)

Plenty of gangster film are around, but Scarface was the most easily mentioned. History of Cuban immigrant become gangster maniac Tony Montana is very hard from beginning to end. That chainsaw scene at the very beginning scares the shit out of me. His greed begins to get the better of him as he gains more power. Later on due to some of the bad decisions taken by him become the best death scenes in the history of cinema.

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3. The Notebook (2004)

I must admit, I have never seen The Notebook, in the interest of full disclosure. That is why I know it is a great movie is that whenever I talk to a girl about not seeing it, then she always wants me to see this film. Basically, a guy falls in love with a girl. Their romance is budding, a couple of fights break up, eventually they finish together once the two of them are older. This film is the place where a lot of women measure up to a man.

4. Audition (1999)

I consider these horror films based on the amount of cartoons I look at afterwards to sleep, and the Audition is a 10 ton movie easily. A woman is auditioned by a widower for his new wife. He select that gorgeous young woman whose name was Asami Yamazaki (Eihi Shiina). It is one of the most disturbing young psychotic movie in history. Yamazaki experiences torture scenes that are so brutal that you can hardly watch them, so her pleasure in her film is extremely disturbing.

5. The Young Frankenstein (1974)

Mel Brooks the director of “The Young Frankenstein” created one of the biggest screwball comedy ever, and “The Young Frankenstein” is the scary movie I’d like him to be. Starring the cast gives it great story lines as well as excellent comic timing. The sarcastic responses of Igor (Marty Feldman) to Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) make me laugh out loud every time. If something you’re against old movies, this might be what makes you think differently.

6. One percent (2006)

This is the second documentary by Johnson & Johnson’s heir, Jamie Johnson. It’s about a certain lifestyle of 99% all of us. A rich born, he gives everyone else a glimpse of some of America’s most wealthy families. Jamie’s father, Jim, spends most of the movie fighting it. But when the artificial housing market falls shortly after it and the Occupy movement appears 5 or so years later, you can understand what he’s afraid of.

7. Cinderella Man (2005)

James Braddock (Russell Crowe) played a role of a failed boxer who was fighting against the odds impossible for the heavyweight championship, and this remains one of the most memorable story in the history of cinema. Director Ron Howard masterfully re-represents the setting of the 1930s to engage you in this “real story” full of award-winning actors in a sports drama. Cinderella Man is all that anyone wants from a sports movie.

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8. Bad Boys (1995)

You hate Michael Bay as much as you want. That guy can make a funny picture. Bad Boys is a detective movie who never aged, because of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s personalities. Full of eye-catching high-speed car chases and amazing shootings, it’s a movie anyone can watch on TV at any time, it doesn’t matter how far they are.

9. Unforgiven (1992)

It was before he went mad and starting to talk to chairs that Clint Eastwood was in charge behind a number of classical American movie westerns. In this movie he played a retired gunfighter role with an old friend Ned (Morgan Freeman), Ned provoked and convinced him to collect a reward from Prostitutes. Along the way, he meets another bounty hunter and a tough sheriff (Gene Hackman). Munny has trouble breaking it off, so once he breaks it off, it will be nice to watch closely.

10. Leon: The Professional (1994)

This story of professional killer Léon (Luc Besson) is both heartfelt and dramatic. He teach young woman (Natalie Portman) to protect herself, Whose parents were murdered by a psycho drug dealer (Gary Oldman) he also teach her how to seeking revenge from that drug dealer. Léon: The Professional shows you how the murderer, who after all, has a heart of gold, can’t help but be on the killer’s side.

11. Love and Basketball (2000)

Love and Basketball is a romantic movie which is on the base of a Basketball court. Quincy (Omar Epps) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan) both they met on the basketball court when they were child. From there the story start and they become professional basketball player with the individual dreams.

12. The Hurt Locker (2008)

The war. What’s it for? Sci-fi films. The film is based on Soilders life whom have to face alots of problem during Iraq war. Hurt Locker is both a combat film with a technical thriller sound. I would say Hurt Locker is probably the second best move ever which is made on the soldiers life.

13. Princess Bride (1987)

The children’s movie is a playful movie with a lot that adults like as well. The movie has all the things a fairy tale is supposed to have: a hero (Cary Elwes), a Giant (André the Giant), a playful swordplay, a fairy tale princess with a happy ending. The Princess Bride reminds us of all righteous things in mankind.

14. Insidе man (2006)

A Policeman (Denzel Washington) tries to talk to a criminal genius (Clive Owen) in the best bank robbery movie ever made. What makes Inside Man so grеat is the tension between cat and mouse. As the story progresses, it turns out it’s more than just a normal bank robbery. It’s not just the money these guys are looking for, and еvеn knowing thеy’rе going to gеt away with it, it won’t take away the shock of seeing how… and why…

15. Bill & Tеd’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Godfather 2 is oftеn cited in the argument of sequels outdoing the original movie, but Bogus Journey deserves a spot on that list. Bill S. Preston, Еsq, (Alеx Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) were the models of slacker youth way before Beavis and Butthead. Thе first Bill & Tеd movie most triumphantly explored time travel in a phone booth, but the second movie ups the ante, as theе dimwitted pair battle death on a journey through hеavеn & hеll. Beneath the schlock, Bogus Journey is a light heated look at a scary subjеct.

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