Anupama: After Bhoomi Poojan, She is going to leave Shah House (Upcoming Twist)

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One of the top TV Serial Anupamaa is going to see one of the top most drama in the upcoming episod of bhoomi-poojan of Hotel’s Project.

While all of the family member is super excited for ther new beginning. But Vanraj, Kavya and Baa have their own personal issues with them and they don’t want to enjoy it.

Due to it Vanraj will start creating a big drama in Bhoomi Poojan by insulting Anuj for his decision of investment offer to Anupamm for cafe.

This will lead Anupamm feels guilty and really disappoint after seeing the beheviour of Vanraj on her big day. She will think if Vanraj would have insult me I would have accept this but since he Insulted Anuj which is not acceptable.

Vanraj and Anupama’s drastic showdown next

In next show you will see Vanraj and Anupamaa are going to have a very big drastic showdown together.

By insulting Anuj Vanraj crossed all of his line now this time Anupama will not forgive him that is why she is now going to take a big step in his life and she is going a final exit from Shah’s house.

Because she don’t want any more that because of Vanraj’s ego and problem her career ruined.

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