Anupama: Vanraj recalls Anuj’s love confession

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Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is about to showcase some interesting twists and turns in comming week.

We had already seen that Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) already confessed his love for Anupamaa with Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) in Mumbai, when both of them were drunked and that shocked Vanraj alots.

But earlier on the next day Vanraj was unable to recall anything.


In the next episods you will see that Anuj will tell Gopi Kaka that he should confessed his feelings to Anupamaa 26 year’s back when she was in college as she deseves that and should be treated like Queen.

In the coming episode as well you will see, Anuj will calls Anupamaa at his house and give her a beautiful Green color card that will be a Bhoomi pujan’s invitation.

Anupamaa will get very emotional after looking to that card.

But the big twits awaits at that ceremony where Vanraj rememeber all the incident at Mumbai and he will recalls about Anuj’s confession as well where Anuaj had confessed his love for Anupamaa before 26 years ago.

It will be really very interesting episode to see when Vanraj reacts after recalling this confession.

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