Anupamaa: Anupamaa will support Anuj against Baa

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Star Plus most Popular show of star plus Anupamaa is going to give you another level of twist and drama.

Baa, Vanraj & Paritosh are pique with the presence of Anuj’s in the function.

Meanwhile on the other hand Anuj’s will try to manipulate Rohan and then try to save Shah’s family mainly Samar, Nandini and Anupamaa and he was also get successful in it.

When Baa saw Anuj in that Gurba function, She told Anupamaa to request him back to home as it is not convinent her that Anuj stay here. So he should leave that function immediately.

When Anupamaa refuse to do so. She herself order Anuj & GK to leave that function becouse people are started talking about him and Anupamaa in that function.

When Anuj heard this from Baa, he immediately leave that function.

Meanwhile when Devika saw all of these she told to Anupamma that this is not good.

Anuj have been saved him from all the obstacles since last few months then Anupamaa realise it and she stops Anuj from leaving that function.

Not only leaving she also request her to partner in that Dandiya. When Anuj heard that he agree to participate in that Garba.

Not only participate he also agreed to be a part of that couple garba competition.

The upcoming episodes of this serial is very much interesting to watch stay with us to get all the latest episode about Anupmaa.