Anupamaa: Kavya will advise Vanraj for mental treatment

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One of the most popular show of Star Plus’s Anupama is now becoming more interesting and going to create another drama which will help to closed the users.

Kavya went in Anuj’s office to get a job. He will ask to Anupamaa regarding it and Anupamaa will say that Anuj should give an opportunity to Kavya. Anuj will take and agree with Anupamaa’s decision and offer job to Kavya. 

Kavya will be really thankful to both of him and her for that job. But when Vanraj comes to know about this things, he will bursts out on Kavya with anger. 

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Vanraj will say to Kavya that Anuj is a puppet of Anupamaa and that’s why whatever she will instruct to Anuj, he will do it. 

But Kavya will pissed off with all of these things and she will instruct Vanraj that he should consult with a good psychiatrist.

Pakhi wants to leave her parents

By mistake and due to his angerness Vanraj gets a cut on his hand and on the other hand when Anupamaa will see that cut she will tries to stop the blood but as she will reach to him he will push her very badly. 

Anupamaa will fall but Kavya will take her back and handle her. 

When Pakhi will see it, She will say that she want’s to leave her parents as they don’t respect each other. 

The upcoming episodes is going to be more interesting and super excitement. 

Stay tuned for more updates.