Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Vanraj thrash out Kavya, expels Baa from House

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The Most Popular serial of Star Plus, Anupamaa is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists.

After all the drama at Anupamaa’s Dance Class, Babuji went to Anupama’s house on the other hand Baa & Kavya goes to Anupamaa’s house to bring Babujee to his house due to fear of Vanraj, but Babujee refuse to come with them.

Meanwhile, when Vanraj returns to Shah’s Mansion, and he gets to know about all the Situation about Babujee and how Baa yelled at him and compelled him to leave the house, then he gets angry on Baa and Kāvya.

On other hand Baa to make a request to Anupamaa to bring back Babujee at Shah’s Mansion. Anupamaa feel helpless on this request, and she controlled Baa and takes her to Shah Mansion, but Vanraj scolded Baa and stop her to enter the house. He also take oath that until Babujee will not back at home he will not eat and drink.

Vanraj gets Angry on Kavya

When Babujee come at Shah’s Mansion, Vanraj rushes to him and hardly hugs him, and he requested him to return home but Babujee refuse to return.

On the other hand Baa come to Babujee and Anupamaa and apologizes with them and said them that Kavya provoked her to do all these and manipulated against Anupamaa.

When Vanraj heard about it she turns back to Kavya and scolded on her but Kavya refuse to accept the mistake.

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