Anupama: Anupamaa-Vanraj’s patch up

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The most Popular show of star plus Anupamaa is going to give you another level of twist and drama.

After Daily fighting of parents, Pakhi pissed off with them and then Pakhi broke down emotionally, She started craying hard.

She said to her parents that you guys divorced from each other but what we do, How we divorced from parents.

As a child what I do if I have to divorced from all the family.

She started craying hard .

Anupamaa-Vanraj reunite

Now this time Anupama thought a lots and same time Vanraj come to him. He started conversation about their children and there behaviour. Both of them decided not to fight with each other any more.

On the other hand Pakhi clicks picture with her Parents and post it on Social Media then Anuj will see that image and he will feel insecure. Not only Anuj even Kavya will think that Pakhi’s breakdown will might help Anupamaa & Vanraj close again.

Upcoming Episode

and on the coming episode you will see Anupamaa will meet with Anuj and request him to stop the partnership.

And Nandani will run to get a flight of USA then Anupamaa will intrupt her and said that what happen then Nandani will say to Anupamaa that her Ex. Boy friend will kill Samar if I will not go to USA.

Now Upcomign episodes is going to be super interesting to watch. Stay tuned with us for all the Latest and regular update about Anupamaa.