Best Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash

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Amazon is one of the best platform in the World which sells almost everything and that’s the reason people always wants to use it. But some times it might happen with you that you got a Amazon gift card which you don’t want and instead of that gift card you really help cash equivalent. Today In this Article, I am going to show you top 15 ways which you can use to in-cash your Amazon gift card.

So lets start now! The Top 10 Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Card for Cash

1. Raise.com

It is considered as one of the best marketplace to exchange Amazon gift card for cash of almost any brand. All you need to do is just registered yourself online. Once you will add your detail Raise team will verify your gift card and balance. Once they will verify Raise will add your card detail in there platform and then as soon as they will find the buyer they will pay you and the payments have also multiple method like Via Direct Deposit, PayPal or even via Cheque.

2. Cardpool.com

This is another helpful website which helps to sell or buy gift card from top variety of brands like Macys, Target, Apple, AirBnB, Best Buy and Amazon. Cardpool accept both physical and electronic gift card. Once you will registered yourself and add the card detail they will first verify the detail and balance of your card and then they will give you offer for the card which could be high as much as possible like 90% – 92% of the value of your card.

The most important thing there payout option they have multiple option like you can get an eGift card as well as via Cheque to your mailing address mailed it to your address which will receive you with in 4-5 working days via USPS First Class Mail.

3. GiftCardGranny.com

This is another popular website which offers you multipal way to convert your gift card into cash. Here you can sell your gift card to other seller in exchange of another gift card or you can get hard cash in lieu of the card and the cash upto 90% of the value of Card and that the same day. You can also sell your gift card and get other company card if you want to get higher payout. The website have three methods of payment which include PayPal, ACH & Cheque.

4. Gameflip.com

This is another website which accept Amazon Gift Card including Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. Gameflip have a mobile app as well where you can directly list your gift card and sell it from there not only from there app you can also sell it on it website. Once you will register and your card will approved then you may be able to sell your card and here they have provided the facility to get the payment on Gameflip Wallet instantly and buyer can also provide you ratings for that transaction. The wallet amount could be withdrawn at anytime in your bank account or PayPal or even Bitcoin money.

5. CardKangaroo.com

This is another trusted gift card which provides you a safe and reliable platform to buy, sell and exchange your gift card for money. You need to register here and add the detail of the card once you will register and add the detail of your card they will provide you best offer for that card that could be upto 95% of the card value. You will get paid from CardKangaroo via Cheque set to mail or via electronic payment in PayPal or Direct bank transfer.

6. GiftCardSpread.com

Here in this website you will get the money as per your choice for your unused Amazon or other company gift card. Here you have to add your own bid amount, if they will accept this bid amount then they will process the payment in 24 hrs if they won’t then they will give you counter offer for that and which you can either accept or either turn it down.

If everything goes will you have to add your card along with valid ID proof within 24 hrs and they will process the payment via electronically PayPal or ACH.

7. CardCash.com

This website buy your gift card at the cost of less than their actual value and then sell it to the other buyrs with discounted rate across the country. They will offer you upto 95% of card value and deposit the amount via ACH deposit, Cheque or via PayPal.

8. SellMeGiftCard.com

This is one of the World’s biggest Amazon and other company gift card exchange website and the UI/UX is also simple to use. Just you need to add your card detail and for that you will get offer to receive a cash by them. If you will accept that offer then you will have to provide claim code, Amazon Gift Card balance and PayPal accounts detail once you will add all the detail they will verified it and than if everything goes well you will get your money directly to your PayPal account.

9. Cardswap.ca

This is one of the popular website of buying & Selling gift card across Canada & US. If you want to sell your unused gift card and wants hard cash you can sell it here. The process is very simple just you need to add your Card detail and if some buyers will interested then they will directly buy it and pay you up to 92% of the amount via PayPal, Paper Cheque or Wire Transfer.

10. MonsterGiftCard.com

Here again you have to add your card detail along with the value and the amount you want than they will offer you an amount if you are agree and OK with the price they offered then you need to enter the card detail and click on the sell button. If its a physical card then you will have to ship it to them at your own cast which I won’t recommend, just you can add the detail. You will receive cash detail within 3-5 business day via cheque/PayPal/Dwolla ACH Payment.

Some Other Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards

In Conclusion

Amazon is no doubt one of the worlds leader to sell online and there gift card is accepted almost everywhere, So you don’t have to worry about sell of the gift card if you want. Here In this article, We have added some website where you can sell your gift card. I would recommend you can also try to sell it on eBay, Facebook, Reddit or Craigslist.