Coronavirus Pandemic: IPL 2020 postponed to April 15

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(Image Courtesy by BCCI)

The Indian Premier League or IPL is considered to be one of the most anticipated Indian sporting events. However, the IPL 2020 was expected on March 29th this year so all the arrangements have been completed.

Sadly, due to the coronavirus, IPL 2020 has to be postponed.

IPL 2020 is going to be rescheduled.

BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly, the Secretary Jay Shah as well as other senior officials gathered and talked about the consequences of the organization of the IPL 2020 according to the planned timetable.

They decided, after the intense discussions, that the mega sports event would be postponed until 15th April. Currently, there is no 100% guarantee whether IPL 2020 is going to start on April 15 because it just relies and depends entirely upon the coronavirus’s circumstances and impact. The Indian Premier League management has informed everyone of this decision in a tweet:

The BCCI has also published a news report announcing its decision: “The BCCI cares about and responsive towards our key stakeholders, as well as general public health, the BCCI is working to provide all necessary measures to all people associated with the IPL, as well as the supporters, with a safe and secure experience of cricket.

If IPL 2020 starts on 16 April, that means it is going to be over on 6 June.

BCCI could suffer a loss of Rs 10 billion.

If the IPL will only be delayed until April 15, then it will be fine. But if the whole event is cancelled, then it would be a great financial loss for BCCI. According to the report by Vinit Karnik, Group M, business manager of ESP Properties, BCCI has been found to be losing up to Rs 10,000 crore if the IPL 2020 is cancelled because of a coronavirus. Know more about Corona Virus

Such loss covers entrance fees, sponsoring, media rights, revenues from franchises and players’ rights, as well as travel and hospitality expenses.

According to Vinit, approximately 36% of all IPL players, as well as the production facilities come from abroad, and all visas for foreigners have been cancelled by the government.

In case of cancellation of IPL 2020, BCCI have to pay all the costs.

Please note that we will keep you informed of this as we receive any other details.

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