How to Contact Uber Customer Service & Uber Customer Support Number

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If you are here in this Article, You must wanted to know what is the top ways to contact Uber customer service? Right. No worries. We’ll definetly give you the BEST answer to contact Uber in 2021.

As a customer support Uber is typically far better than Lyft and I’ll give them full credit for that. However if you still have problem while connecting them then this is the best place to solve that problem.

The two absolute best ways to get answers to your Uber questions?

  1. Search within there website!  They have added an FAQ’s section in there website where you can look most of your answer of the question.
  2. Go in person to the Uber Hub closest to you!  If you want to discuss face 2 face then that’s a good choice where you have option to get into there hub and get answers to all of your questions.

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Below are the top 5 tips to contact with Uber Customer Support.

Uber Contact Tip #1: Through the App

Once you complete a ride and let suppose you may charge more then your general charge then you will have to contact customer support to discuss in detail you may discuss with them via Uber’s in-app support team.

Here’s the way you can get help menu:

Here is how to contact Uber Support through the app

Although In-app have great option to get help support and other issues like fare adjustments, reporting a cleaning fee, etc. Uber have added really good resource into the help section of the app. Also if you can’t find out answer which you want to know then you may reach out to there app and directly contact via message or via scheduling an in-person meeting.

Here’s the example of how to do it:

Now scroll down to the bottom to find out how you can contact Uber support.

Tip #2: Contact Uber Support via

Uber also have an option to contact via there website help section at This is the section from where you will find out alots of good information whether you are a rider or driver.

In this screenshot you can get all the possible answer to questions about using the app, your account, and common phone or app issues or all other issue.

Tip #3: Contact Uber on Social Media

Social Media is really important platform from where you will get proper response very promptly. Uber is fairly responsive on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to directly contact with them you can contact with them over Twitter with there handle Uber_support with your question or concern.

Facebook is yet another best way to contact Uber. Similar to Twitter, your comments can be public so please be concise with your question and they will defintely answer you.

Contact Uber by Phone

These are the two Uber driver support number (800) 285-6172 for emergencies and (800) 593-7069 for 24/7 support.

24/7 Uber Contact Number: (800) 593-7069

Uber toll free Contact Number:

Uber Customer Care contact number +1 876-576-1039 is a 24-hour helpline for riders. Customers who need to get help from Uber Customer Service Department should call on the above-mentioned number. You can raised a complaint from any mobile or landline in our country. In order to register a complaint you must remember your Uber account details as well as Cab Number, Driver Name, etc.