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Google Photos Is Ending from June : Here is How to Download All Images to Your Laptop/PC

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Here in this article we are going to describe you multiple ways to download all your photos on PC from your Google Photos account.

From June 1st 2021 Google Photos is going to make a big change in it’s platform. They are going to end up there free Storage policy now. Google has announced this in last year it self that they will end the unlimited free photo backup option on Google Photos.

Now Users have to use there free 15GB cloud store capicity which Google provides as default or have to expense some money to get Google One Subscription to upload all there Photos. After 1st June 2021 all Photos will be counted towards use of Google Cloud Storage Space. This is why now it’s time to pay to Google for Google Cloud Storage or learn how to download all your Photos to your PC/Laptop or Mac, So that you don’t lose any of your precious loved one memories.

First of all, Download Process is all depend upon your size of the photos. First of all you need to analysis your requirement. If you have few photos like less then 10 then you can easily download it one by one by going to photos.google.com website. But if you have alots of images then you can’t download one by one in that situation you will have to download in different ways. Below is the way which you can follow.

Go to photos.google.com > log in to your Google account > open an image > click the three-dot menu on the top right corner > click download.

Just keep in mind if you have to download multiple images at once then you can download it by selecting multiple photos. Just one thing it will be downloaded by compressing it into single zip file.

If users have sorted their Google Photos in albums, they can download the pre-sorted collections album-wise as well. Under the ‘albums’ tab, users can select ‘View All Albums,’ where they can see their entire collection. Click and individual album > click the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the screen > click ‘download all’. This will again compress the files and give you a single zip file.

How to download all Google Photos at Once?

Now here we will talk find out the way how to download all your Google Photos in a single click. For that you need to use Google Takeout. Google Takeout is a tool which generally used to export all the users data which is saved on Google Apps like over Google Mail, Chrome History and many more. now from this tool you need to download all the photos via Takeout.

go to takeout.google.com > log in to your Google account > Create a New Export. Now once you will click on Create a New Export there will be a checklist open you need to select that check list and click on the checkbox which will show you all the list which you want to download. Just like below images where you can I have selected some checkbox

once you will select all your options click on Next

After selecting Next you need to select Delivery method.

Here in this screen you have option to download your file over other cloud platform as well like Dropbox, OneDrive or Box. Also you can select maximum size of download but don’t get confused here your file will not loss. It will devided into different – different parts. For eg. Your overall file size if 10 GB and you have selected 1 GB as Maximum Size of download then Google will send you 10 seprate link from where you can easily download all the 10GB file.


Although Google are going to close this service but still you have option to download it and transferred it to other Cloud Network platform as well as now a days your mobile provider also provide cloud space like MI, Samsung etc. you can use those platform to upload all the photos. Let me know which method you are using and which is the best way to download all the photos by commenting below.