How to Download Movies for Free to Watch Offline Legally

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Here you will know everything about how to download movies for free to watch offline mode free and legally.

After the government lifted the lockdown, people started traveling, but we all know how difficult and sad it is and that’s why we watch movies or videos to reduce this discouragement, but to watch videos or movies we need a stable and a steady flow of Internet. This is why people always choose alternative way to download movies or TV shows to watch it offline, yes it is legal and you can download as much as you want.

This is why most of the best streaming app allow all of us to download movies to watch offline free of cost without any extra cost. Here in this article we are going to describe how to download movies to watch offline free of cost legally.


You don’t have to pay any extra amount to download movies from these OTT platform you can download it with your same regular subscription and this download will also not counted as number of screens shared or number of allowed to view it. Yes one thing you need to keep in mind that most of the content you can download but not all. Since to download any content you need to check whether the content is downloadable or not, if that is downloadable then you can download by clicking on Download button at the same page just on the movie’s description page and it’s available in iOS or even in Android app.

Also Netflix have an option to download all the movies in your desktop as well via there Microsoft app. You can download that desktop app on your laptop from a link which is in Microsoft Store and Netflix have also the Android App which you can use to download the movies on your Chromebook. There is no any app for Mac or Linux users so sadly you can’t download any movies or TV Shows on such platform.

Download: Netflix for Android | iOS (From $8.99 to $15.99/month, no fees to watch offline)

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is another important app which helps you to watch the movie offline. It’s really very easy to download movies on Amazon Prime which will help you to watch the movie offline. Now from that app if you want to download the movies you need to make sure that you have seleted “Free to me” option to download the movies. Also over Amazon Prime there is no any issue whether you are using WiFi or Mobile Internet. You can download the movies just with on tap “Download” which is available below the description of the movies or TV series and then you need to tap My Stuff to access downloadable movies.

Download: Amazon Prime Video for Android | iOS (Requires a $119-per-year Amazon Prime subscription)


TED is one of the best app to get insight and inspiration about life while you are traveling. You need to make sure that you have TED app installed on your device. It offers more then 2000 pieces of content for you to download with multiple other languages. From here you can download videos as per your choice. When you will see the video is worthwhile to download then at the same time you need to click on Download icon to start downloading the videos. You can even customized your own playlists depend upon the topics you like also the most important part is the app is free so you don’t have to pay any subscription charges like other apps.

Download: TED for Android | iOS (Free)

YouTube Premium

YouTube have started providing this features where you can download to watch free movies offline. Once you will find out the movie which you like you just need to click on Download button from there you can download. Just keep in mind that in YouTube premium as well some times you will have to pay extra amount for a particular movies becouse these subscription based services on YouTube is available on some particular countries including United States and India. The important part of YouTube premium is it allows background streaming and YouTube Music as well all these are ads free and they have also added a seprate section for Kids. There is a advantage of 30 day free trial as well so don’t forget to avail that free trial before paying them.

Download: YouTube Premium for Android | iOS ($11.99/month after the free trial ends)


Vimeo is one of the best app which provides you to watch movies online. It have an option called “watch later” which allow you to bookmark videos and you can watch whenever you will get time. If you want to download it you can download any movies which is available in Vimeo just you need to press downward arrow to start downloading it. Then there is an option called Offline Section from where you can watch movies offline.

Download: Vimeo for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Watch Free Movies Offline

Now I hope you must get in detail about How to Watch Free Movies Offline. Apart from these popular Apps there are some others app available in India which will help you to download the movies and watch is for later. In Some of the those apps you need to subscribe. MX Player is an app which will help you to watch movies without subscription and even free of cost.

And if you can maintain an internet connection, you can access even more great films via the best free movie streaming sites.