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How to share screen on Skype (Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac)

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Skype is one of the best platform to call and discuss with some of your friends, colleagues, family or even your client. Skype have alots of feature as well which you can use like if you want to share your screen with your colleagues to show them your half made presentation or if you want to share your screen with your loved one’s to get opinion for your marriage card you can use Skype screen sharing feature. Here in this Tutorial, we are going to show you how you can share your Skype from your PC or Laptop, A Mac or even from your Android Application. Even you can use it in Google Chrome or Micorsoft Edge Browser as well.


So First of all let’s know about Skype and it’s Screen Sharing Feature.

Just keep in mind if you want to do Screen share with your colleagues you must have latest version of the Skype app in your platform. You can download it from the Official Microsoft Website. Now with this Skype Screen sharing feature you can show your friend to your screen whatever you want to show. It work with Windows, MacOS, Android 6.0 and above, iOS 12 and above platform. You can use this feature in the Web as well if you are using Google latest version of Browser Google Chrome 72 and even you can use Microsoft Edge browser as well to Share the Screen. Also you need to be have some patient! yes becouse when you share the screen it took some time to show the screen to your colleagues even if that will not show at that time means you need to restart your Skype again. You can then stop sharing and restart the whole process then you will be able to show the screen to your colleague easily.

To share the screen you need to do Audio or Video call to the other person with whom you want to share the screen. Once you both guys able to talk properly then you can start sharing the screen just in few clicks. Below we are going to describe you whole process.

Note : Keep in mind something before sharing screen with your friend be careful with your personal information or any sensitive data. We would recommend if you are sharing your screen just keep the tab open which is required to show to your recipient.

How to share screen on Skype

Now If you wanna share the Screen, First you need to download Skype for that Go to Skype official website. https://www.skype.com/en/. Click on “Download Skype” now you have to installed the Skype on your system just within few clicks you will be able to installed it. If you are using Windows 10 PC it provide Universion Windows Program App which is Preinstalled version of Skype means you don’t have to visit any website or Installed it. You can just go to the Search Option of Window and type Skype Click on the Skype Icon you find. Skype will be start.

In case you are not able to see the button on your screen, then you can try to click More options button in the lower-right corner.

When you will click in the Menu a new pops up will open where you will the see option to Share screen click on it.


Once you will select to share the screen. You will get an option to choose whether you want share just your active screen or you want to share the whole window for that you need to select either “Share screen” option or “Share application window”.

Select the active screen which you want to share

If you will share whole window then you don’t have to do anything recipient will have access of whole window. But if you will select “Share screen” option then you have to select the window which you want to share.

Select Sound Sharing Option in the footer

If you want to share your computer sound then you can select bottom option of “Share computer sound” that will share the sound of your computer. It will help you if you are watching any video and you want to share the voice of that video.

If you will end the call on Skype the screen sharing will also stops immediately.

While you’re Sharing your screen, the Share screen button is lit up, and now if you want to stop sharing the screen you have to just cut the call or you can “Stop sharing” it will be available in the same place where you had got share screen option.

Click on the Stop Sharing button available on bottom right corner.

Do you like this Tutorial “The screen sharing feature from Skype?”

I personally believe this is one of the best features of Skype apart from it’s calling feature now they have added many more features like Screen recording, Turn Sub titles on so that you can visually see all the voice in to text. This facility you can use it for multipurpose things like watching movies together, provide techical support to your family or friends or many more. Before closing this tutorial : I would like to so you can use it for a multitude of tasks, from shopping together with friends to providing technical support to ask you an honest feedback regarding this article. Please tell me if you really like the screen sharing feature from Skype.