How to Track anyone Mobile Location and Phone No

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Do you want to know your Mobile Location? You can find your mobile location by the phone number as well. This post is helpful for you. If your phone has been stolen or it’s lost somewhere then this post is really very important for you. I have added some steps which will help you to find out the exact location of the phone.

First you can search your mobile by yourself or you can get help from Police who will search your mobile by the help of its IMEI number and they can easily track it.

How to Find Mobile Location?

1) Open your PC/Mobile Chrome Browser and then click on Google Find My Device to search your device.

2) If you have added your Google Account in your Mobile Device then the link will show your mobile device location as in map.

Note: For this method your mobile Internet should be on and GPS should on and running then this website will easily find out the location of your mobile devices.

4) Once you will open your Device it will show your connected device now you can select whatever you want like you can Play Sound, lock mobile and erase all the data.

  • Play sound: With this option you can ring your phone for next 5 min even if your phone is in Silent, Vibrate mode.
  • Secure device: With this option you can show some customize message at the Lock Screen. Even if your phone is in PIN, pattern, or password lock.
  • Erase device: With this option you can delete all the data of your Phone Permanently and then Find My Device will not work. (SD Card data will not delete)

Some of the Best Android Apps to track Mobile Location

There are many apps available on Google Play Store from where you can find out where is your mobile. But just one thing I would like to mention here they never provide you real time location of the mobile devices they provide you existing Name, Address and Current location details.

1) Mobile Number Tracker

With this Apps you can easily find out all the incoming call details wether its in your contact list or not. This app will help you to show unknown number location on Google Map. Which will help you to determin the number is from which city. The the most important factor is it work without even internet.

2) Caller ID & Number Locator

It help you to search any mobile number around the world. It gives you exact location of Phone along with it’s area, state, country and even it’s service provider and it will show on the map. It have a callers Id blocker functionality as well which will help you to block unwanted calls like telemarketers, spam callers, fraud calls.

3) Truecaller

The Most popular app in the world it help to identify call from Unknown number. It also help to show calls which is already saved in your mobile. Nowadays it is providing chat options to all it’s users. You can even block the unwanted numbers if you want. They have also added a new feature called “translation”, which help to translate users detail in hindi or any other regional languages.

4) Life 360

With the help of this app you can create your own private Groups which called “Circles” of your teammates and you can chat with them free of costs. You can view real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map which will only visible to your Circle. You can even see the location of your stolen or lost phones.

5) Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse helps you to share your location with your family, friends and collegue with the help of GPS tracking in real-time location view. You can inform your family or friend where you are and how you are with the help of Glympse. You can take help of this app in emergency.

It’s not too hard to find out the location of mobile number but the power is only with Government agencies or Police. A common person can’t track it. But yes if your mobile got stolen and someone switch off your phone and again if they switch on it then police can easily track and caught them.

Hope with this post you know how to find out location using mobile number and you can even use the above listed app which will help you to track others phone the most important part is most of these apps are free and you don’t have to pay even a single penny. If you are facing any issues please comment below we will try to solve those issue.