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Top 10 Best Horror Movies of Bollywood

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Horror films have traditionally been part of Bollywood’s experimental cinema because this genre has a different audience to recognise. Not everyone likes horror films. Looking at the latest releases, we can mention many good Bollywood horror films. However, Bollywood filmmakers rarely try to participate in horror movie projects because horror movies don’t sell like hot cakes in the Bollywood industry. Download Movies from Netflix

If you think about the top 10 Bollywood horror movies, we may have difficulty to think about their names because they are few in number. This is because the overall impression of the horror film style has been destroyed in Indian cinema by bad quality films such as Band Darwaza, Purani Haveli, etc.

These B grade-movies made headlines in the early 1990s, but nobody cares about these films in today’s era. The movies directed by the Ramsay brothers are more fun than scary and that’s the main reason why audiences have stopped believing that making any good Bollywood horror films is possible.

Who could ever be frightened by those disgusting facade faces? It’s not for me.  This page contains a list of the top 10 best Bollywood horror movies. This list has no classic movies because I want to talk about all those movies in another article. So don’t take offense. Download Free Movies

List of the Top 10 Bollywood horror movies that everyone should see

The following list has been created according to my taste. I kept my most favorite Bollywood horror movie in the first place. All the movies listed below have a kind of uniqueness and are worth seeing by all horror movie fans. Take a look at the list below.

10) Raat (1992)

IMDB rating – 7.2/10

The Story -Raat is a debut film by Ram Gopal Verma as the director. This film is one of the best Bollywood horror films of all time. The plot of the film is as always – when a family moves into a house, strange things start to happen and they soon realize that it is something to do with the paranormal.

This film was shot with a very low budget, but it marked their presence and didn’t finish like other B grade horror movies made in the early 1990s. The narrative of the film is very interesting and this is where the public feels a connection. There is no doubt that Ram Gopal Verma was the only director of the time who had the courage to direct horror films with some great scripts in his hand.

The success of Raat’s film lies in the performance of the main character and sound effects that were not as popular in the early 1990s. If you like horror movies, you cannot miss this one. Best Alternatives of Putlocker

9) Horror story (2013)

IMDB rating- 4.4/10

The story – The basic plot of the film is that a group of friends decided to spend a whole night in a haunted hotel. At first they think it’ s all a myth and nothing more, but they soon realize they made a mistake by entering the hotel.

This film has a great storyline and offers the audience a praiseworthy horror experience. Despite not having such a good rating on IMDB, this movie is one of my favorite Bollywood horror movies. The actors’ performances are neither good nor bad.

The storyline of a horror story is taken directly from the English movie “Grave Encounters”, but what’s wrong with it?  I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys watching horror films.

8) Raaz (2002)

IMDB rating- 6.5/10

Story – When the Ramsay brothers gave up their success in making horror films, Raaz came as the saviour of audiences who had been wanting a decent horror film for a very long time. The film’s story is about a couple who are not doing well in their married life.

However, the couple try to give this relationship another chance and plan a trip to Ooty where the lady is haunted by an evil spirit. Whatever’s going on, the answers to everything are in the past. This film is a remake of “What Lies Beneath” and it’ s a pretty good remake.

Vikram Bhatt directed the film in depth and with a very good cast. Raaz sometimes scares the audience by taking a big leap of scare. This film is a marvelous creation and that’s what makes it one of Bollywood’s best horror films.

7) 1920 (2008)

IMDB rating- 6.4/10

Story – There is no doubt that this film is the biggest grossing Bollywood horror film. Rajnish Duggal and Adah Sharma were the debutants and they gave their best in the film. Set in the 1920s, the film’s story is about a husband who struggles to protect his wife from a evil spirit.

The idea to make the 1920s is taken from the classic film “The Exorcist”. This was Vikram Bhatt’s dream project and he really worked hard for this movie. Adah Sharma acted like a possessed lady. Everything from her expressions to her make-up is impressive. 1920 is an example of an honest Bollywood horror film that was presented to the audience without any hype.

6) Bhoot (2003)

IMDB rating- 6.4/10

Story – Ram Gopal Verma is well known as one of Bollywood’s best horror film directors. Bhoot was his 2nd Bollywood horror film and has been getting on the public’s nerves since the first film of his life. Bhoot’s story is based on a married couple who moved into an apartment where soon the wife began to experience a series of unexplained events.

Now the husband begins his journey to find out the truth of the house and to save his wife. The music in the background was the strongest reason for the film’s success, it really scared the audience. It was the first Bollywood film without songs. It is one of the biggest horror films, which is certainly not for the faint of heart.

5) Pari (2018)

IMDB rating – 6.6/10

Story – If you like watching horror films with a completely different story, you will surely love this movie. I won’t say anything about the storyline because it should be seen this way, but I can still give you a general idea.

Pari is the story of a woman who is not human. Who she is and what she wants is the only part of the film. Pari film is directed by Prosit Roy and, frankly, it created the exact atmosphere for the horror film that I’m dying to enter. It’s not like a typical horror movie where a person is possessed from a spirit and then struggles to get rid of it.

It has a historical commitment that reveals the opposite side of the story. Watch this film and you’ll fall in love with Pari’s epic, dark, supernatural, non-clichè horror journey.

4) Pizza (2014)

IMDB rating- 6.2/10

Story – This is a type of pizza that not everyone wants to try. In addition to other horror films, Pizza offers a rich story to believe and keeps the public intrigued by the development of each scene. The film’s story is about a pizza delivery man whose life is turned upside down when he is sent to a house that looks unusual and soon learns that the house is haunted.

This film reveals the story of how the boy leaves the house and the true story of that haunted house. Pizza is definitely a real winner in the horror movie and offers its public a decent watch.

3) Bhool Bhulaiya (2007)

IMDB rating- 7.3/10

Story – An NRI and his wife have moved into their old ancestral home where unexplained events begin to occur. A psychiatrist is called in to examine the mental health of the NRI’s wife. Bhool Bhulaiya is a remake of the Malaysian horror film Manichitrathazhu. This film is open to all kinds of audiences because this horror film offers everything.

The ultimate mixture of horror, comedy and excitement has attracted audiences and the film has earned popularity. Priyadarshan usually directs comic films, this was the first horror film of his career. The film as a whole is funny and nothing is missing.

The performance of all the actors is praiseworthy and especially Akshay Kumar who makes you laugh and Vidya Balan who gives you chills like “Manjulika”.

2) 13B: Fear has a new direction (2009)

IMDB rating- 7.2/10

Story – Every time somebody asks me to recommend a good horror movie that has a story in it, I have this film on my lips. The content has been a king and this film is proof of that. When Bollywood directors were afraid to make a horror film in Bollywood, director Vikram K. Kumar created this beautiful screenplay to sell it in 2009.

That is another reason why the film was not successful at the box office, but a different kind of audience appreciated it and enjoyed its efforts. The film’s story is about a man named Manohar moving into a new apartment with his family with 13B as the floor number. The women in the family have spent their time viewing the soap opera “Sab Khairiyat Hai” on television.

Manohar was surprised to learn that the television series shows the future of the family and that the greatest danger is coming for the family. So how could he protect his family? How can this be possible? You will find the answer after facing the ultimate fear of 13B.

1 ) Tumbadd (2018)

IMDB rating- 8.3/10

Story – Tumbbad is the Bollywood horror film with the most viewers. I’ve seen this film in cinemas. I didn’t expect much from this film because, honestly, the trailer of the film didn’t really reveal much of the story. To my surprise, however, Tumbbad drove me crazy and definitely amazed me with its uniqueness and its storytelling.

I realized the beauty of cinematography and the power it can bring to any film only after seeing this classic masterpiece. Tumbbad is the only Bollywood film where Hollywood can take lessons from.

The perfect combination of mythology and humanity’s greed is that which makes this exceptional and one of the best horror films in Bollywood. I feel sorry for you if you haven’t seen this unique horror movie yet.

Which is your best Horror Movies of Bollywood, Do Comment Below?

  • Top 10 Best Horror Movies of Bollywood

    Horror films have traditionally been part of Bollywood’s experimental cinema because this genre has a different audience to recognise. Not…

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