Top 10 Horror Movies of Hollywood

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Scary movies are made to scare us and make us scared. They shock us and make our worst fears come out. And do you know what? We still like them, what would explain this phenomenon? Oh, well, we love to be scared until we know we’re in danger and safe on a couch or a movie theater chair. But they scare us when they do. Best Alternative of Putlocker

Horror movies are getting more and more popular year after year. More scary movies come out every year than any other time of year. But unfortunately, only a few of them are deserving to be watched, and among those worthy to be watched there are some that no movie fan can ever afford to miss. This list is the latest type of film. It’s not in order – you really need to see them all. Either these films are really scary, or they have moments of fear, or they have a good storyline and a good characterization, or each of these things. Download Movies from Netflix

1) Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a movie for you if you get bored of zombie movies set in the United States. If you are looking for a new and refreshing perspective on the zombie genre, it is also for you. In short, if you like zombie movies, this is a movie not to be missed. Get this: zombies are spreading chaos in South Korea. Some passengers on a train on their way to – you have guessed it – the town of Busan get infected, turn into brainless cannibals and start eating their travel companions. There is nothing unusual about this, but the train to Busan has its excitement factor very well. Zombies may be brainless, but they are physically strong and fast like humans, and the train’s landscape creates many heartbreaking moments. Be sure to watch this one in Korean with English subtitles.

(2) The Others

Nicole Kidman is an extraordinary artist. And her work in The Others is hugely underestimated. She acts as the possessive mom of two children living in a lonely house. Her children are very sensitive to the light and always have to stay away from natural light and can only see by candlelight. Three servants come to her house and weird things start to happen. The end of The Others is absolutely astonishing, but what gets in the way is also disturbing. You can’t see what is haunted by the house, but you can feel its presence. It’s tempting. There’s a clue, a hint. Seldom anything concrete. Some may find it slow, but no matter what happens, it stays until the end. And that’ s when everything turns upside down. Download Hollywood Movies Free

(3) The descent

A truly rare horror movie with an all-female cast. A bunch of women go caving in an unknown cave in a faraway region of North Carolina, and they start being hunted by blind underground monsters that have a highly developed sense of hearing. The girls start dying one by one and once they start, it’s heartbreaking and painful. The majority of the film is shot in dark, cramped caves, which makes the experience shocking when there are no visible monsters. The descent is an incredibly exciting and immersive experience. World Top 50 Free Movies Download Site

 (4) Let the Right One In

A vampire movie that revitalized the genre. Let the Right One In is based in a Swedish village suburb and is the story of a mild, troubled boy. He met a vampire girl of his age and created a bond with her because he thinks of himself in her, a single person. The movie is bloody, gory and beautifully made. The roles of the two child actors are magnificent. Another strong point of the film is its artistic design. While it renders it beautiful to watch, it makes it a little creepy sometimes. There’s also an American remake, which in itself is quite good. But it can’t be compared to the Swedish original.

(5) Stir of Echoes

“Stir of Echoes” is a factory film, based on the old school’s livelihood. Actually, there’s little that this film does that hasn’t been made before. However, thanks to its strong acting, a story of horror and psychological pathos and elements of horror makes it quite attractive. Its narrative is cleverly constructed to the end and there is a disturbing atmosphere that permeates the whole film. Kevin Bacon, as the main character, plays a surprisingly shaky and fragile man. Download Bollywood Movies Free

(6) Don’t breathe

Don’t Breathe is the only movie on this line that has no supernatural content. But this very fact makes it all the more frightening, because this can happen in your own neighborhood. This film acts as a stern warning to thieves. Three young thieves are planning to rob a blind veteran, obviously assuming it’s a piece of cake. Well, they’re dead wrong (pun intended). Army personnel don’t spend their lives fighting around the world just to be robbed at home. The tension is prevalent, thick enough to be cut with a knife. This could be the most terrifying movie that doesn’t have the usual horror tropes like ghosts, vampires, zombies, etc..

(7) Shutter

Asians know how to scare people. Shutter is a Thai horror film (yes, it is a genre in itself) that has been made twice – once in English and once in Hindi (Click with Shreyas Talpade) and both were dismissed as low-priced imitations. Widely regarded by many as the most terrifying film in history, Shutter is a total horror. A photographer and his girlfriend ran over a girl and ran away. The photographer begins to hear strange events and a horrifying face of a woman continues to appear in the pictures that he clicks. About the same time, she also complaints about neck pains that the doctor rules out as nothing. Beware of the terrifying twist in the end. Download Tamil Movies Free

(8) Sinister

Even good horror movies are seen as bad movies because they use clichés and frayed-out tropes to scare people. Sinister is not truly revolutionary in this way. But this is a well played, direct and scary film that is more than its 110 minutes worth. Ellison Oswalt writes real crime stories and believes he serves the world. He moved into a house where a horrific crime happened and found disturbing footage and things took a horrible turn.

(9) The Witch

As one of the very few horror movies that are almost universally acclaimed by critics, The Witch combines two different genres: horror and period. A family is asked to leave a plantation because of a change in their interpretation of the New Covenant in 17th century New England. They build a farm near a forest in an isolated region. It is both beautiful and repulsive with its cinematography and its blood. And the setting in the Middle Ages is always captivating and not just horrifying. Don’t miss. Download Punjabi Movies Free

(10) The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The father-son forensic duo gets the body of an unknown woman for the exam. Looks like she was found at a murder scene, interred in the basement of a house without signs of physical abuse. The mysterious woman’s body also appears to be in good condition. Her eyes are clouded, which means she’s been dead for days, but looks fresh otherwise. They begin the investigation and this is just the starting point of their nightmares. The fact is that the autopsy of the Jane Doe is scary from the start. It wastes no time developing the story and the characters, which is pretty good because there are only two characters ( except Jane Doe) and the plot is very nice. A real scandal.

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