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Top 10 Most Populated City in the World

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World is really very big place with billions of people live around here. Millions of people being born, Millions of die but the overall population percentage doesn’t seem to stop at any point of time. There are a-lots of city where people live happily, and that city counted as most populated city across the world. We all know currently most populated country in the earth is China and then India. According to a new United Nations report by its Population Division of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Asia is the one of the most populous and largest continent in this world and around top six of the top 10 most populous city is in this continent.

10. Mumbai

Mumbai aka Bombay, it is the capital city of Maharashtra and often called financial capital of India is one of the most populous city in India and 4th most populous city in the World. Till 2019 Mumbai has population of around 20.4 million people conducted in census calculation in India in 2011.

9. Tokyo

After 1943, Tokyo extends way beyond the original city boundaries, and now it is one of the largest urban in the world. According to a 2016 estimate of Tokyo’s population approximately 13.5 Million people live it doesn’t include population of metro area, if we will calculate overall population including its metro area than total population is around 30 Million.

8. Delhi

Delhi or National Capital Territory of India (NCT of India) is one of the largest metropolitan city in India and it have approx. 19 Million population. Delhi is being inhabited since it’s least the 6th century and has been the capital of many kingdoms over the year’s.

7. Shanghai 

Shanghai is of the most populous city of China. It is also major financial center and global city of china. Is located in the bank of Yangtze River in the Yangtze River Delta of East China. People often called this city as Pearl of the Orient or Paris of the East. This city has population around 25 Million.

6. Manila

Manila is the capital city of Philippines and it is the second largest city of Philippines as well. The overall population of this city is around 12.8 Million as per it’s 2015 Census report. It’s also one of the World’s most densely populated city of the world with 42,857 people per square kilometer, or 111,002 people per square mile. 

5. Mexico 

Mexico is the 5th most populated city in the World and is rapidly growing with very fast pace. It cover an area of approx. 1,972,550 square kilometers and around 57 people per square kilometer it’s density have. Currently this city have around 21.2 Million people with approx 8.9 million people living in the city.

4. Dhaka 

Aerial drone view of Dhaka during sunset.

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and is the largest city in the country. It is situated on the bank of River Buriganga. Is one of the most populous city in the World with approx. 18.5 Million people live in the Greater Dhaka Area.

3. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest city in Turkey and is located in the heart of the country. It is also one of the main commercial center of the Europe and have around 14.6 Million people live in this city till 2016.

2. Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and is second largest populated city in the whole world. Since last ten year’s this city have rapidly growing and the growth rate of this city is around 20% per decade.

1. Osaka

Osaka is one of the another most populated city in Japan after Tokyo. It is located in the Kansai region. This region is also known as the cultural heart of the Japan. It is second-largest metropolitan area with around 19 million people till 2016.

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