Which is the Best Free Browsers for iPhone & iPad

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Browsing anything and bookmarking it with best browser is still one of the most challenging part. Selection of browser for your smartphones and tablets are important. Apple’s iPhone and iPad by-default come with Safari browser but do you know there are plenty of other third party web browser you can used as an alternatives of iPhone/iPad Safari browser. Although Apple has created a mandatory for all its users not to change the browser and you can change it as default browser from Safari to others but the latest Apple OS iOS 13 has provided an option to download multiple browser in your phone and you can use those browser as per your choice here in this article we have tried a lot of different browsers and come up with the conclusion with some of the favourites browsers.


No doubt it is one of the undisputed leader in iOS/iPad browser market and it have great UI/UX as well which will help you to use it in very smooth way. This Browser have many extensions which help you to do alots of other task in very easy way like you can share content to other apps from your Safari and it have an option to third-party password managers which helps you to keep all the password at a single place and you can access those password from any devices like iPhone, iPad or even from Mac as well. It comes with by default installation thats the benefit for you so you don’t have to installed it again in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another popular browser which you can use and the most important feature is synchronization, So if you are using Google Chrome in your PC or you have dual mobile phone one is android and one is iPhone and in Android you are using Google Chrome and you want to synchronize whole data from your one device to other device than you can use Google Chrome. In this way you can able to sync all your browser data all bookmarking and browsing history to iPhone. One thing you will missed here the default extension of your Google Chrome browser it doesn’t support any extension while safari does support third party extension like password manager extension.

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Opera Touch

This is another browser which you may use if you want. It provide you really appealing design like magazine it also help you to use compression feature which makes your web-page load more quickly and it will consume less data as well. Also in Opera Touch you won’t find any back button or you won’t feel like you are using any browser. When you will use it it seems like you are using a magazine. Yes I would recommend if you are lover of multiple tab then Opera Touch is obviously is not the best choice though. If you really like to use simple web browsing experience then Opera Touch is best choice for you.

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Sleipnir is really best app for you with many built in features like ad blocker, it will also show you list of all open tabs at the bottom of the screen as well as it will help you to show easy open links in the backgroud if you are reading something. All these features are inbuilt and configurable. So you can customized it as per your choice.

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Opera mini

Opera mini is another best browser for iOS and has a nice video compression feature. with all other features like multi-tab and bookmarking, save browsing history and many more.

These are the five top browsers for iOS. We have also tried many other web browsers like UC Browser, DOlphin, Mercury, Puffin and DuckDuckGo Browser as well but they are not that much valuable as the above 5 ars so, We haven’t added these browsers in our list. Some of these browsers is also popular becouse they support flash video which Apple didn’t support at all.

If you have any other browser in mind or which is your favourite iOS browser? Please let us know by comment on this post.