How to Create a Desktop Shortcut

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If you want to create a short of any particular file/folder or any website then this article is best for you. Here in this article we will guide you how you can create shortcut of any File/Folder or website which will help you to open it very quickly. Desktop Shortcuts will help you to open your document very quickly with just one click.

Here are the easy steps to create desktop shortcuts:

Method 1

Step 1: Using the Desktop Menu

Just Right Click on your Desktop and then click on New Option from the dialog box and then click on Shortcut option.

  • Once you will click on Shortcut it will open in other dialog box. Screenshot is given below.

Step 2.

Once you will click on Browse button you need to select the file for which you want to create the shortcut.

Once you will select desired file or folder the location box will automatically filled with the file location and then you need to click on next button.

Note : If you want to type the exact address of the file or folder you can easily type the file/folder path location. But I would suggest instead of typing you should just use browse button and select the path.

Step 3:

Once you will click on Next, It will open other window and overthere you need to click on Finish as shown in the above image. Here you have an option to type the name of the shortcut whatever you want. I would like to keep “Team” as the name of that shortcut that’s why I have added Team name over there but you can change it.

Method 2

Using File Location

Here you need to go to drive where the file is residing. Now select the file. Here in this screenshot I am going to select file as in name “Data”. Once you will select right click on it.

Once you will right click over there it will open a popup and then you need to click on create shortcut text. Once you will click over there it will create a shortcut of the selected file and you can drag and drop that shortcut anywhere, whereever you want to keep that shortcut.

I wanted to move it to Desktop so I move that file from D drive to Desktop. Now you can easily access your file with just one click.