How To Recover an Old Google Account?

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We all are busy in our life and in this busyness, Some times we forget our important password. If you already using Google Chrome or Mozilla web browser and if you are using it’s inbuilt password manager then there is no any problem at all but there are many people who won’t able to remember the long password and there are plenty of people who also never use any password manager in that situation there always have a chance to loss the access of your Google account.


That’s exactly happen with one of our writer and and he tell us that. Daniel. Look what he wrote:

“My google account were locked for at least 2-3 years now and it was also connected to my old yahoo mail account, Is it any chance I can recover my account, I don’t remember my password even I don’t have access of my old phone number which was connected to my gmail account just one thing I remember that the account was connected with yahoo mail box. Is it any way I can able to access my gmail or google account. ”

Here is what our IT Expert Rondy Said :

Well, Here I will tell you what is the process of accessing Google account even if you don’t have access of your phone number or you have already tried forgot password option. You may have visited the Google option which they have provided it’s Google’s Account Recovery tool . If you will visit this article there are some options and steps you will have to followup which may be you don’t know.

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Here you need to add your phone number but I am assuming that you don’t have access of your old phone number as well. So in that scenario this will not work. So Google have another option which is Offline Verification method which you can use while recovering your account.

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But the main issue is that? If you have remember your old gmail account then you can recover it Google will send you a six digit code which you need to put and it will recover by entering that email address and six digits code.

What is the other way which you can followup So when you will enter in to forget password field at the same time you need to enter your old password, Google will asked you to put your last password If you don’t know then they will asked you to provide last remember password and you even don’t remember that then just click on “Try another way,” option and Google will provide you some other set of questions which you need to answer like your first phone number which was associated with the account and then the month and year that you have created your account. There is no any other option or Google Customer Care number which Google Provides you. It’s all because of the security reason now whats the method from which you can recover the method is you remember the old Yahoo account which belongs to Google.

So just go and explore the yahoo account find out the first mail which Google usually sent at the time of Google account creation. Below is an example from there you can find out the Date and time of your account creation and then you can easily recover your account.

Or you may put the Recover email address as in your Yahoo mail which you can put and then Google will provide some option to recover your account. When you are able to access your password I would recommend you just go to account settings and setup new recovery phone number and email address also change your security question and last but not the least always use Password Manager of your browser to save the password and bookmark so you must have latest information or your data.

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