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‘The 100’ Season 8 Release: New Season Release Date

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Phew! The 100 Season 7 one of the most successful series of Netflix is now coming up with the another series it’s season 8 of “The 100”. If you are also the fan of “The 100” then keep reading this post. We will let you know about the season 8.

The Netflix most popular sci-fi drama series which ended up with 100 episodes now audience are most excited and waiting for it’s 8th series.

Season 8 of ‘The 100’ when it will release?

Oh! Unfortunately, as per the creator Jason Rothenberg stated that his writers have been preparing to terminate the series after Season 7. Here is the statement as per the director.

He told, “Once it started to seem like it was in it for the long haul, We didn’t feel too sure about that ending until approximately the end of season five.”

‘The 100’ What next: Will it happen?

As per request, Netflix, and the Director have clarified that in 2019. Rothenberg groundbreak the story before 97 years ago way before the series events started.

The production team starring with Lola Evans (Carnival Row), Adain Bradley (Riverdale) & Leo Howard (Legacies). Although in 2021 news about the cancellation of it’s prequel was surfaced on the internet all around.

So ‘The 100’ is officially ended but it might be surprise that the new news could be initiate with official confirmation to release about it’s new series.

Keep tuned with us to get the latest update about ‘The 100’ also let’s hope for latest update about new series from Janson.

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