The Silent Sea Season 2 : Release Date, Cast & Story

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Netflix’s new web series, The Silent Sea is one of the most watched series by the subscribers. It released on 24th December 2021 and then alots of users watched this series. This series includes a thrilling and adventurous story of Balhae station where all the astronauts go there and survive at last 3 survivors left who were Dr Song (Bae DooNa), Dr. Hong (Kim Sun-young) and Luna (Kim Si-A).

With all these thrilling and adventurous journey now we have to ready with the second serious. The story of this movie was adopted from a short film ‘The Sea Tranquility’ which was released in 2014 which was written and directed by Choi-hang-Yong.

It is basically true story which generally happen with all the astronauts when they faced shortage of food & Water. Han Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) & Dr. Song Ji-an (Bae DooNa) travel to an abandoned research station in moon to collect some samples.

Now Netflix is about to start the second season 2 and here in this article we are going to give you detail about Season 2.

What is the The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date?

Although there is no any official announcement happened from Netflix for “The Silent Sea Season 2” but since the popularity of Season 1 is too high which shows the possibility that the season 2 will soon be launched and production will start in 2022 itself and may be it will launch in 2023 as per the source.

Whos will be the cast of “The Silent Season 2”

As we know in Season 1 Captain Han (Gong Yoo) died while saving Luna (Kim Shi-Ah), so obviously we will have to say goodbye to him. But Fan’s may be able to see performance of Dr. Song (Bae Doo Na) who had saved Luna and some other team. We will have to wait to see all the performer.

What would be the story of “The Silent Sea Season 2”

The second season will basically work around Luna. It will be more exciting when two of the survivors will decide to returns to the earth. Dr. Song will be work as superpower and she will work to save humanitarian due to Lack of Water. Since Mankind of human in Earth will suffer the scarcity of water and then Luna water will save the life of the Earth humanitarian.

It’s really very excited to see the second season of this Silent Sea Season 2. Stay tuned with us to get update about it.

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