How to participate in Shark Tank Season 14

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If you are an entrepreneur want to participate in Shark Tank Season 14 then you are in right place. If you want to stand a chance to in this show and want to close a deal with the Sharks. If you have good ideas and wanted to take them to next level then you can participate in Shark Tank and discuss with the big Sharks they will help you to expend your business, and they will boost your ideas and take your business into next level.

You want to know how you can get into this Shark Tank Season. Here the way.

Who to apply for Shark Tank 14?

  • You must be 18+ years and fully vaccinated.
  • Participants must be from the USA and legally present from the USA.
  • You may not be a person of public office or must agree not to enter the public office from the date of audition release until one year after the initial broadcast of the Shark Tank series in which you participated.
  • They will check the background properly, and it should be correct.

How to be on Shark Tank Season 14?

There are two ways where you can participate:

  • You need to fill out an application form with the details which include Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, Email, Occupation, Business Product Name, Category of your services or products and 1 photograph of your product with a digital signature.
  • Once you will register for Shark Tank 14 you have to wait for the phone call.

The Shark Tank team is looking for a group of entrepreneurs, innovators who can change people life with their products. All the sharks are ready to invest in it.

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