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How to use your Android phone as a webcam for your PC

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Convert your Phone to Webcam

Do you want to turn your Android Mobile in to Webcam becouse your Laptop or Desktp webcam has broken and you are not able to use it. You need to use your desktop webcam for online Video meeting? Yes there is another way you can do so. Here in this tutorial we are going to show you how you can change your Android Smartphone in to your Desktop or Laptop webcam. Just you need to follow some steps you need to download a software in your desktop or laptop and you need to download an android app and done.

What is the basic requirement to use an Android Smartphone as Webcam?

There are some basic things you need to follow, First you need to download an app which you can easly find out in the Play Store and that app you need to install in the Mobile Devices and now you need to install a software which you can download it from droidcam website.

The app is available in 2 versions: free and paid. In Free Version they will show you some ads which is the main source of earning to them and in Pro version you will have to pay $5. The picture resolution is also very good 720p. But I would recommend, you can use free version which will fulfill all the needs. Let’s start now.

Step 1. Download and install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app on your Android smartphone.

This app can be find via this link or in Google Play Store with name DroidCam Wireless Webcam.

Click Install Button to Install this App

Once you are successfully installed the Android App in your Smartphone now you have to follow another steps.

Step 2. Now Install DroidCam Client app on your Windows PC

Open web browser and visit DroidCam Windows Client. Once you will visit you will see to download the option just go and download the latest version of this app with name DroidCam Client v6.0.1 once you will click over there there will be an exe file downloaded to your system. The recent file size is approximate 1.2 Mb.

Click on the DroidCam Client v6.0.1 Download

Double click on that .exe file it will open with another windows with some instruction to install DroidCam Client. The Window wizard is clear just you need to click on 2 or 3 times Next button and then it will be installed on your system. One thing you need to keep in mind that while installing it will asked whether you want to install driver software from “DEV47 APPS”, then you need to choose install.

Click on the Next Button to Install the Software
Select the Path where you want to keep your file

Step 3 : How to Connect the DroidCam Wireless Webcam Android app to Windows DroidCam Client

Now go to your Android Phone and search DroidCam Wireless Webcam app from all the listed apps.

Once you will start using this app it will ask some permission like access of Camera and Microphone which needs if you want to turn your mobile as webcam and speaker.

Once you will grant access of the Webcam and Microphone then the app will show you which WiFi network you are connected with it will show you IP address, port number as well as link to access that in your web-browser.

Now to open DroidCam Client application in your PC. In the WiFi LAN Section enter IP address which was displayed on your Android Device.

Now Configure the IP address, port, video, and audio feeds in the DroidCam client check your mobile and put device IP

Step 4 : Now it’s time to Start the video from your Android phone

Once after having all setup you will click on the start button from your Windows DroidCam Client then you will be successfully able to start Video calling and able to use Mobile as Webcam. Yes if you are successfully setup all the things as per my described steps then you will have a working converted Mobile into Webcam. Its time to enjoy now.

DroidCam will also show you a live preview from the Android phone camera

Below is the video displayed in the Web-browser via my default IP. In your case you need to put your IP which was displayed in your app.

Step 5. Now you can use your smartphone as a webcam for Skype, Facebook, Zoom and other similar apps

Now if you can use any app which you want to use as webcam and it will show you default app and there is no need to configure. Still if you see DroidCam is not showing as default Video app you can change it via below process. All you have to go to Skype Settings ->

Once you will click Settings you will have to select another option, Go to Select Audio & Video and under the drop down menu you will able to find the option.

Click on the Drop down option to select DroidCam Source as Video and Audio.

If you will go with it’s Paid Version DroidCamX will offer you some additional controls. Like Up the brightness, Tilt the Pic, Zoom In & Zoom Out and many more.

Now don’t wait for Webcam use your Android phone as a webcam for your PC?

Now, I hope you know how easy it is to turn your Smartphone in to Webcam and audio if the default Webcam and audio is not working. Why wait to buy a New Webcam if you have option to use your phone as a webcam free of cost without any charges. Guys please share you thoughts by comment below if you like this idea to change the Mobile phone into Webcam.