Top 10 Best Email Marketing Software, Services & Platforms (2020)

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Email Marketing is one of the best marketing tactics which helps you to get maximum return on investment (ROI) among any other marketing channel it gives you up to 4000% ROI means if you will invest $1 you will get up to $40

Here are some of the list of Best Email Marketing Software.

How to Start Email Marketing?

To Start Email Marketing you need to have some tools although each and every tools have it’s own pros and cons and every platform gives you approximate same functionality but some of them gives you maximum opportunity to reach into your Customer. Each and every Software and platform have different – different pricing and some of the features are also different.

I would recommend you choose email marketing software according to your requirement. Here in this tutorial, I am going to describe you each and every detail about top 10 Best Email Marketing tools which will help you in your marketing needs along with to save maximum ROI.

Let’s get started.

Which is the Best Email Marketing Software?

To Select best Email Marketing Software you need to check its pricing, template design, automation, integration functionality and what other feature it is providing. The Best Email Marketing tools must have functionality to design email easily and it also gives you an option to add personalized messaging option, software must have option to segment your list so that you can target your audience according to the segmented list.

1. Constant Contact

One of the Best tools which provides unlimited Emails option just with $20/mo.

This software was founded in 1995 as Roving Software and in 2004 it change it’s name into Constant Contact. In 2015 it become the part of Endurance International Group whose other subsidiaries are Bluehost, HostGator, and The company main goal is to help small business. To grow up them with less money. It have more then 500+ mobile friendly template to engage your customer. It also helps you to provide real time reporting and analytics and they also provide some extra features like coupons, polls and events.

Delivery of Email is really good with more then 90% delivery rate and the most important feature is that you can send as many as email as you want just with only $20 per month. They also provide you basic drip campaign which will help you to automate your email services.

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2. HubSpot

This software pricing starts with $50.

HubSpot Email Marketing Packages starts from $50/Month. There Email Marketing Software is considered as one of the best and easy to use email marketing software with many featurs and templates. The template allows you to change the text, images, buttons, social media links, dividers and many of other changes and layouts. Here you can add multiple recipients, you can target your email according to the devices as well as you can design and target your email as per email client like Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook etc. The Dashboard provide you option to preview text and check yourself how the email is look like on different – different devices. Even you can personalized your content based on devices, list segment and geographic area location. Not only this you can even test your email A/B testing which will help you to maximize open rate and click rate of the email.
HubSpot Email Marketing Analytics Report helps you to understand the result of email it will help you to know which campaign works well which campaign was worst. Due to all of these things this platform is one of the best email marketing tools in my list. Some of the feature I have listed down below like

  • Full-featured CRM
  • Personal calendar to schedule appointments
  • Gmail extensions to track email sends and automate outreach
  • Form builders
  • Automated sequences
  • Mobile optimization
  • Inbound lead, email, and ad analytics
  • Phone and email support

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3. Sendinblue

This Software pricing starts with Only $20 and you can even test is free of cost with unlimited.


It is an easy to use email marketing software which even provide option to use with free plan to unlimited contacts with 300 email newsletter per day. This software pricing starts with only $20 which you can use for your email marketing needs. It provides you easy to use templates which will helps you to automate all the marketing emails. They have alos an option of CRM in their free plan with limited to single workflow. If you want to increase this workflow then you can use its paid plan. It uses AI Based algorithm to choose the best time of your email and helps you to maximize the users engagement from email. There automation work on trigger basis and it works on the flow basis which you have setup in the email work flow.

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4. GetResponse

The pricing of this software starts with $12.30 P/M.


GetResponse is an all in one marketing platform which helps you to grow your marketing business. They offer you many things like email marketing templates, landing page option and they even have a webinar software to help you in your marketing campaign. What is the unique feature of this software? So the main unique feature of this software is it will help you in Autofunnel of Lead as well as this software have 500+ template with latest design and latest features and the deliverability is really very good if you will compare to other software becouse of it’s IP rotation feature which you can avail by paying some amount. It’s biggest strength is the smart automation of this software which helps you to automatic funnel as well as A/B testing feature. Overall I would say it is one of the best software for your sales and marketing needs.

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5. Active Campaign

This software starts with only $9/Pm.

This is a unique software with built-in CRM fanctionality as well as it have option to customize the list as well so that you can set a personalized email for your targeted audience. Here in this software you can even set the workflow of the email so that you can set it as per your requirement. They even provide you a lead scoring options as well so that you can setup your email as per that score.

Here I have added the steps of lead scoring as well so that you can do with each and every email subscriber.

  • Step 1: First of all you have to select the main engagement metrics. Engagement metrics could be like Email Open, Email Click, Button Click, Phone Click.
  • Step 2: Now you need to add rules and points on the basis of conditions you setup for each and every leads.

How to do lead score?

To Answer this you need to understand your effort. Let suppose an email open may be you can point 1 while an email click you may put 3 points for any non important action you may put negetive points. Also you may put one thing in mind while if a users reached to the end of the journey you may filterout that users as MQL Leads and start other marketing campaign to target those users.

It’s really a great system which generally all the smart marketeers used it to segment the leads and create lead funnel. This feature start with Plus Plan for which you need to pay $49/Month. Overall I would recommend Active Campaign is one of the best email marketing tool with all the advance feature like advanced reporting tools, geo tracking option as well as advanced CRM and high deliverable rate.

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This Software pricing start with only $16/Pm

Omnisend is another advanced email marketing tools which helps there users to combine all the marketing channels together and send mail across platforms like social media platforms, text email, push notifications, WhatsApp Message mail and even browser push and many more. It is used by over 45000 marketers across 135+ countries across the globe. It is specially benefit for ecommerce platform and B2B platform where you want to notify your messages accross all the platform. The main important thing is that you can integrate this with all other top ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or other e-commerce software. It starts with $16 Pm for 15000 emails/months this pricing include all the featurs like interactive landing pages other email template, SMS notification and product recommendations option based on email and coockies.

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7. Automizy

I would say it is one of the cheap software with a-lots of handful features.

It is basically another popular platform which is specially design to increase the open rates which helps you to grow your marketing for that they provide all the tools to make your emails directly to the customer inbox. They provides you all the important feature which include build automations, create landing page, manage contacts as well as segment list according to geo location. You can even create best workflow for your email marketing campaign to automatically create non-openers mail as well as you can create save time with this automation. Here in this tool you can test as A/B testing with Subject lines as well as email body.

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8. Mailerlite

Pricing of this Software starts with only $10 P/M and you can try it with Free trial as well

This is one of the most popular tools among mid level business because it allow you to send you upto 12000 emails per month free of cost. They even provide you many other features that help you in your marketing strategy which include a landing page, they provide embedded forms options as well as pop-ups option in landing pages. They have 650,000 customers around the world. Even they provide you 24/7 phone and email support. So you can start with free plan and if you want to get full feature you need to upgrade with only $10 P/M. Some of the important features this platform have like Live 24/7 customer support via chat and email, Powerful & easy to use landing page builder, E commerce integrations with almost all the eCommerce platform, Email surveys, Multiple Email Template and the best email deliverable rate. Over all this is one of the best platform to use.

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9. Aweber

This tool you can use with only $19 P/M.

This is another best tool which is used by millions of small business it also provide you best email and phone support to its users. They have drag & drop email builders features, list management tools as well as it provide analytics reports. It also provides you import facility of email in the form of different – different format like XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, and TSV. Here in this tools you can manage the whole list in multiple rules to create workflow of email to automate the email campaign. Using its workflow you can create auto-responder workflow of each event. One of the important selling point of this tool is that they have 700+ email templates which is far better then other tools if we will compare with GetResponse it only provide you 500 email template as well as if we will compare to one of the most popular tools MailChimp it only provide 80 email templates. The main drawback of this tools is that the email deliverable is lower than 15%-16% to other email tools.

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10. Campaign Monitor

You can try it’s basic feature with only $9 P/M and Unlimited Plan for $29 P/M

This tool was founded in 2004 and it is one of the best email marketing tools. Although it provides all the features just like other email tools but the things which helps it to different than other tools is that customer satisfaction rate upto 99%. They have email template which is best for non-profits and B2C business. In its tools the template have individual web fonts as well as multi color choice which is important for any business. In any email campaign you can even add videos to your emails from YouTube or any other video provider tools. They provide all the automation facility to help users to set perfect Workflow. They have data segmentation option as well which helps users to create best workflow for every mail. You can set multiple segments and use advance ruls if you are going to set rules or workflow. You can even integrate this tools which with Salesforce, Magento, Bigcommerce and WordPress. This tools start with the basic price of only $9 P/M for 2500 emails and they have also option to use Unlimited Plan for $29 P/M.

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Bonus Tool


Start with free for 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails send per month

We all know it is one of the biggest email marketing software provider. It helps marketers to sent 1 billion emails per day and it have around 17 million customers across the world.It provide 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails send per months free of cost which is relay helpful for all the small business. The important thing is that the free plan which include autoresponders, transactional emails, analytics, and lots of other third-party integrations as well. They even provide mailchimp app to it’s iPhone and Android Users. Over all I would recommend MailChimp if you want to use any free mailing software with plenty of features for their users. Now Mailchimp start providing domain and Website Develpment opportunity like Wix.

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