Robert Rodriguez is back as director of “Spy Kids” for Netflix

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Two decades ago, Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” released in theatres. Now after a decade, Rodriguez is ready for Netflix. As per The Hollywood Reporter, He will start working for Netflix, he will write, direct and executive produce a new film for Netflix that is “Spy Kids“.

What is the Original Story of “Spy Kids” ?

In the original story, Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara are siblings to become spy when their parents get kidnapped, and then they took the responsibility to find out their parents and to save them they become the spy.

Spy Kids 2

In Spy Kids 2 Netflix announced that they are going to collaborate with Robert Rodriguez, who will work on this film. He is the original creator of this film series, 2 decades ago. This time he will work as creator of movie and it will relaunch and reimagine from his mind for newer generations of the fans.

Rodriguez will work as writer, director, and producer. On wednesday Netflix announced this news that they are going to work on this project.

Yet the new storyline has not be revealed yet but it is estimated that the story will follow old path where there will be a new family introduced.

This will be made in partnership with Skydance Media and Spyglass Media they are the original owner of Spy Kids and they have 4 movies rights of Spy Kids. Now they have correlation with Netflix about to launch the new version of Spy Kids.

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