5 Best AdSense Alternatives to Consider for Your Website

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If you are looking for online money making platform then Google AdSense one of the popular tool for your website, but this is not the only choice, there are lots of alternatives available out there which you can use for your website. If you’ve had trouble getting approval of Google AdSense, then these platforms are really very good for you, which will help to grow your online business.

What is Google AdSense?

We all know Google AdSense is a Google’s advertising platform which was launched in 2003 by Google. Since then, it is one of the most popular platform around the world and almost all advertiser using this platform for their blog’s monetization. You may have seen such ads, probably all around the web.

Which is Best Website for Adsense?

Any types of Website which is compaitable with Google Adsense Policy is suitable for Google Adsense but some of the most popular website which often use Google AdSense.

Let’s have a look which types of the Website is suitable of AdSense.

  • Blogs – If you are a blogger and you are consistently publishing high-quality content then Google AdSense is one of the best platform for you to get paid for your work and monetize your content.
  • Forums – Some times many people engage in a website and share there thoughts are also suitable platform to generate revenue.
  • Free Online Tool – Some times you are not a content writer but you have great skills to developed online tools then in that scenerio you can use Google Adsense.

But what if you don’t want to use Google AdSense or Google AdSense haven’t approved your Website or Tools for Monetization. In that scenerio you need to see some alternative of it.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Here in this Article I am going to describe top 5 Google AdSense Alternative.

1. Media.net :

Media.net it is a direct AdSense competitor run by Yahoo and Bing now. Now it is one of the world’s largest platform of contextual ad networks and is used by many big brand all over the world.

2. PropellerAds :

PropellerAds is another large ad network that offers a wide range of adverts like banners, sponsored links, Push Notifications and it have large network as well around 1 billion Users.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks world largets advertising platform which provide wide range of audience across the globe. It provides wide range of customizable ads which will help to improve your website Click through rate without disturbing your website look and feel. It have wide range of users and more then 100,000 websites network with support of 128 countries.

4. AdNow

Adnow is one of the best popular ads network which helps to provide different – different types of ads. It have 160.000 publishers range with daily products recommendations. It spread across 114 countries. It’s minumum payout is $20 and have wide range of Payment options.

5. Adcash

Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform available for for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks and publishers. This platform have advanced in-house optimization options and they are working since last 13 year’s.


We all know AdSense is one of the best and well-know advertising platform, but there are lots of other platform available across the Globe which you can be used for monetization of your website.

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