Upcoming Twist of Anupamaa : Anuj becomes hero he saves Anupamaa

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Star Plus most Popular show of star plus Anupamaa is going to give you another level of twist and drama.

When Samar called Rohan to settle all of the matter and went to Rohan’s place where she fight together.

Anuj Gift Lehanga to Anupama

While Anuj was very excited for Navaratri celebrations as he purchase very special lehenga for Anupamaa but unfortunatly he was unable to give it to Anupamaa due to his fear. Which he shared it to Devika and then Devika agreed to give that Lehanga to Anupama.

By Chance Anupamaa really loves that beautiful Lehanga and she wears it in Garba celebration. Meanwhile Vanraj get to know about Lehanga was given by Anuj as the tag fall from it and he saw that it was orded by Anuj.

When Vanraj get to know about it he again taunt and humiliate Anupamaa and Anupamaa Ignore that.

On the other hand when Rohan haven’t got any chance to get back Nandani in his life. He started doing very wired things and that’s why he make a plan to harm Anupamaa with a very big wooden rod.

Anuj Save Anupamaa

When Anuj saw that Rohan is trying to beat Anupamaa he get anger and save Anupamaa from that guy.

The upcoming episode is going to very exciting and interesting to watch. Keep tuned with us to get all the update before releasing on Mobile or Television.