Anupama Upcoming Episode: Pakhi’s emotional breakdown will unites both Vanraj-Anupamaa

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One of the most popular show of Star Plus’s Anupama is now becoming more interesting and going to create another drama which will help to closed the users.

Kavya will go to Anuj’s office and she will tell to Anuj’s that she want’s to work with him in his office.

With this decision Anuj and Anupamaa both will shock and that’s why Anupamaa will ask whether Vanraj will be okay with her decision then Kavya will tell that it’s his decision to join Anuj’s office.

But Vanraj will start making alots of excuses and alots of drama when he will get to know about Kavya’s decision to work wtih Anuj’s.

He will order to leave that Organization but Kavya clearly refues that order and Kavya will say that due to Vanraj’s anger and ego she has already suffered alots of loses.

Pakhi wants to stop Vanraj-Anupamaa’s fight

On the other hand Pakhi will start crying after seeing that every one in her family is fighting with each other. By thinking this she will fall from stairs and then both of them Vanraj and Anupamaa will rushes to her to save her.

At the same time Pakhi will request Anupamaa and Vanraj not to fight together just for the sake of happiness.

At the same time both of them will promise to her that they will not fight together.

Now let’s see wheter Vanraj will keep his promise as it is?

Again the upcoming episodes of this popular show is going to be interesting to watch.

Stay tuned with us for more update about the Anupamaa Serial.