How to Take a Screenshot of What’s On Your Computer Screen

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We all know how important to take screenshot of something from the computer. Whether you are at work or at home and if you want to share something with your friends of any images or anything you need to share you have to take a screenshot and then you can share it.

We generally use two important OS its Windows & macOS and both have many ways which we can use to take screenshots of anything which we want to take. There are many third-party apps available which also you can use to take screenshot if you required. Here in this article we will cover up some of the important steps.

  • How to take screenshots on your Windows PC
  • How to take screenshots on your Mac
  • How to annotate your screenshots
  • How to take screenshots on your Windows PC or Mac

Screenshots on Windows

Go check a keywords button called “printscreen” or “PrtScn” once you will click over there it will capture the entire screen of your all open windows detail and the screenshot will be saved on your clipboard and you have choice to paste it wherever you want. If you want to paste it some where else you can just press Key + Print Screen and then to save the screenshot just save it with Ctrl + S it will save it to C:\Users\Public\Pictures.

This is basically for those who wants to take entire screenshot includes all the open windows all the toolbars, docks and any open folder then save it to the place where ever you want.

Screenshots on macOS

If you want to capture the entire screen on macOS just press Cmd+Shift+3 all along the same time. Once you will press then the screenshot thumbnail will appear in right lower corner of your screen and it will automatically will save on macOS desktop. If you want to copy it as a clipboard and want to paste it somewhere else then Control+Cmd+Shift+3

How to capture part of your screen

Now here in this section you can capture some of the part of your screen whether you want to capture a quick paragraph of text, or a photos in that situation you can select your screen using various keyboard shortcuts.

Capturing your screen on Windows OS

In Windows OS if you want to capture just the active window, you can press Alt+PrtScn or you can press Fn tab and then PrtScn at the same time.

Some times while capturing something disappears when you press Alt Key in that situation you can press Ctrl+PrtScn or Ctrl+PrintScreen

Now in Windows 7 or obove Windows OS is providing a tools called “snipping bar,” from this tool you can easily capture your selected part of Screen.

If you want to select a portion of your screen to grab, hit Windows Key+Shift+S. In Windows 10, this will open the “snipping bar,” which we’ll explain below. If you don’t want to use Windows Key+Shift+S there is another option which you can used just click on the Start option in Windows and then type “Snip & Sketch” in its search box. Then Select New to start new snippet and then there were some option available which you have to select as per your requirement like (rectangular, free form, windowed or full-screen). Here in this tool there is an option to share the image right from the Snip tool itself.

It will save to a place wherever you want

Here is an option to share right after the snip.

  • Select Mode which you want to select the option like: a free-form drawing, a rectangle drawing or a full window. Then you can use your mouse to select a particular area to select and capture that area.
  • Here in this tool you can even highlight parts of the screenshot, just you need to click on pen or highlighter buttons in the menu.

This tools have an option to save as per your selected location as well as you can share it with the other recipient.

Capturing your screen on macOS

In macOS to capture a specific area then you need to press Cmd+Shift+4 then your cursor will convert into crosshair and you will get a chance to drag and drop the area around the place which you want to capture.

For Capturing a particular part of the Screen

Now to capture a specific window just press Cmd+Shift+4 and then hit the space bar. In that scenario the crosshair will turn into a little camera and it will highlight the window or objects which you want to capture.

Now in macOS Mojave and above has a tools called Screenshot. Which you can access it by going to Applications > Utilities or there is a shortcut Cmd+Shift+5 to using it. Here whenever you will open Screenshot tool there will be a floating toolbar appear at the bottom of the screen now from there you can select what you want to do like a selection, a specific window or the entire screen even you can setup a timer which is available under option menu. ByDefault the file will be save on your Desktop but you can obvious change the path of the image.

macOS’s also have a built-in PDF viewer which will help you to edit your screenshot just right away then you can choose the folder wherever you want to export the image file.

How to annotate, save and share screenshots on Mac & Window

If you wanna add some markup of your Screen captured image than you can do so in both of the devices. Both Windows and Mac have inbuilt feature to cropping, editing and drawing on the captured screenshot.

Annotating and sharing screenshots on Windows

As I mention earlier Snipping Tool com with annotation option as well which helps you to edit the image and add some annotate in that image if you want.

Annotating and sharing screenshots on macOS

When you capture an image as per follow the above process the image will capture and appear in the lower-right corner on your screen from there you can open up macOS’ annotation and editing tools. Even after saving the image you can also edit the annotation and share it with different option sharing button is available upper-right corner of your desktop.

Some of the Third-party screenshot tools

There are alots of third party apps available which you can use on Windows as well as on macOS. Some of the tools name is Lightshot and TinyTake (for Mac and Windows) .

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