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Sachin Tendulkar’s Driverless Car Enkindle Uproarious Reactions From Desi Twitterati including some jokes.

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Sachin Tendulkar the ‘God of Cricket’ recently shared a video which shows his new car with automatic feature of a perfect driver-less car. Sachin Tendulkar is also regularly did awareness campaign of traffic rules by sometimes wearing a helmet or sometimes pointing out seat belt etc and he always peddle with jokes and trolls around it. Yesterday he shared a video of his first automatic car in which he was sitting and he looked quite excited with his first automatic car he was sitting of the passenger seat with relaxing mode but without seat belt and that come out Twitterati hilarious reaction.

Sachin wrote with this Video that, ‘Thrilling experience to witness my car park itself in my garage. It felt like Mr. India (@AnilKapoor) had taken control! I’m sure the rest of the weekend will be as exciting with my friends.’

Desi Twitterati went all out in the comments. From joking about “Why the God of Cricket couldn’t afford to hire a driver” to calling “Him out for not wearing a seatbelt” as well as they start tagging Mumbai Police’s official handle in the tweet, a lot happened in the tweet replies! Let’s have a look of these tweet reply.

We hoping that mumbai police will come across these the video and have comeback with epic reply for it. It shows clearly that it is all safe and fine, so that should reply with a strong castigation which they did with Varun Dhawan.

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